Oh Boy Records: 

In December 2020, John Prine’s record label reached out to me about designing a series of video thumbnails, animations, text layouts ad illustrations for a new series of conversations between musical artists Dan Reeder and Zack Villere.

Random Thoughts: Typeface Layouts

The unique text I created for this series used a mix of orange and yellow to work against the turquoise-colored background color for the videos’ thumbnails.

Random Thoughts with Dan Reeder & Zack Villere

The series featured two generations of musicians—Dan Reeder and Zack Villere—discussing a wide range of music-related topics in a 3-part Youtube conversation series.

Random Thoughts: Animations

For this series, I created three different illustrative animations based on my cover designs which were also used as stand-alone social media posts and introductions for each video.

Random Thoughts: Animations

The final illustrations are a mixture of different pieces of art that represent the experimental nature of the artists featured in the video series. For three of the four designs, I worked with Dan Reeder’s album Every Which Way and incorporated some of the artwork from the album cover into my illustrations.