Poster Designs

A mix of popular culture designs, mostly focusing on musical artists, TV, comedians and movies I’ve enjoyed.

What started out as a just-for-fun activity, these designs eventually gained the attention of some and I’ve begun to sell my work as art prints. It’s been fun seeing my designs hanging up on people’s walls, and leading to even bigger opportunites—like working with well-known musicians, filmmakers and comedians.



A tote bag here, a concert poster there. And hey, why not a shirt or two?
For the last few years, I’ve mainly saw poster designs as a way to sell my artwork to everyday people. That was until I gave my work a once over and thought there might be an audience for some expanded design merchandise. Luckily, I was right. And now, I’ve added a whole new dimension to my work and even more chances to see my designs out in the world. 


Over the past few years, I've immersed myself in the world of video animation and editing, teaching myself the ropes and continuously advancing my skills. With a professional background in advertising, I've had the opportunity to conceptualize, art direct, and craft scripts for digital and social media videos—as well—with notable contributions to brands like Krystal.

Drawing inspiration from music video styles, comedy, and the types of documentary-style video essays like How to With John Wilson, my work showcases a unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency.

Original animation drawn and animated by me.

Social media and digital video for the fast food restaurant Krystal. Creative direction, concepting and script by me.

Social media and digital video for the fast food restaurant Krystal. Creative direction, concepting and script by me.

Video essay edit based on VO from How To With John Wilson using original footage.
 Letting Things Go | Vulfmon & Evangeline - Hand-drawn animation edit.

Infomercial created for my originally produced holiday music cover album, featuring fully-produced music.

  Video essay edit based on VO from How To With John Wilson using footage from the past year.

Photoshop animation using a clip from the “Capricorn” Vampire Weekend music video.

  Social media and digital video for the fast food restaurant Krystal. Creative direction, concepting and script by me.

Advertising and Art Direction

With a background in advertising and art direction, I've partnered with top-tier brands including Bush’s Beans, YMCA, and Bagel Bites, crafting engaging social media content, branded activations and and helping to shape each brands’ online presence and aesthetics. 

‘Stock Options

I tasked myself to create a variety of spec ads, showcasing my abilities including art direction, copywriting and graphic design for Birkenstock, emphasizing the brand’s everyday use, practicality and partnerships.



Top Shelf Ketchup

Everyone knows there’s only one ketchup bottle that stands (upside down) above all the others—Heinz.

I decided to setup an impromptu photoshoot showcasing a few different scenarios featuring my Heinz ketchup bottle. For this, I tried to emulate the print ad style of the Heinz ads we know and love using my own art direction and photography skills.

Getting Krafty

During my time working at the ad agency VMLY&R, I’ve had the opportunity to work on several Kraft Heinz brands—including Oscar Mayer, Bagel Bites, and Ore-Ida Potatoes.
Each of the Kraft Heinz brands had the luxury of having highly recognizable branding and products, making the ability to create eye-catching, inventive designs for social media a thrill to work on.



Would You Like Fries With That?

When it comes to late night munchies, there’s really only one fast food spot to satisfy your slider craving...And no, it’s not White Castle.
During my time working with the Southeastern fast food restaurant Krystal’s social media, I was tasked with bringing that late-night, munchies mentality to our social channels. With that in mind, I worked in all facets of creative, including art direction, copywriting and social media strategy—helping to bring a new witty approach to a dated brand using high flash party-style food photography, trend-focused digital videos and—of course—an emphasis on those delicious Krystals.

Memein’ and Schemin’

Having worked in social media advertising for the past several years, you tend to pick up a thing or two about talking the talk—and in this case, we’re talking about brand memes. These are just a few examples of art directed memes I concepted for social posts for brands including Zaxby’s and Bush’s Beans and Butterball Turkey.


Before and after look at the Y’s Instagram profile.


It’s fun to stay at the YMCA, but when it came to the brand’s social media presence it was anything but.
With a 180 year old brand, it’s no surprise when its Instagram presence tends to skew more…traditional. I took on the challenge of taking the Y into the modern era with a refreshed social media presence that plays into more of a graphic and illustrative approach and swapping out recycle Canva templates with wholly unique posts.

A Single Emoji

Emojis have been used as short-hand ways of speaking that really help you get to the point. But when it comes to emojis, there are just so many useless symbols that could so easily be the plain yellow square. Rather than have another unused, wasted emoji, I thought it’d be much better suited to speak the universal language of cheese—Kraft Singles, specifically.

Whether it’s over text or commenting on social media, the brand new Kraft Singles emoji help to hammer your cheese-loving tastes home.
  And now, with the upgraded Kraft Singles emoji it’s easier than ever to appeal to the cinephile in your life. Introducing Cheddarboxd, the cheese-based movie review platform for the cheese-lover in your life. With a rating system of 0–5 Singles, you now have the ability to rate all of your favorite cheese-specific films.

Vinyl Record Album Covers

Album artwork created for a number of recent albums I’ve enjoyed listening to.

1. Cleo Sol - Music
2. Djo - DECIDE
3. Bo Burnham - Inside
4. Duval Timothy - Meeting with a Judas Tree
5. Will Butler + Sister Squares - Live at Sleeping Village

Cleo Sol - Music

Album Cover and Record Design


Album Cover and Record Design

Bo Burnham - Inside

Album Cover and Record Design

Duval Timothy - Meeting with a Judas Tree

Album Cover and Record Design

Will Butler + Sister Squares - Live Album

Album Cover and Record Design